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Book Review – The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend

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A couple of years ago I was attending a one-week intensive training for counselors led by Drs. John Townsend and Henry Cloud.  Dr. Townsend was in the middle of a lecture when he mentioned that he was working on a new book.
“I’m writing a book about the fact that the hard way is usually the right way…” he said, “I’m going to address the issue of entitlement, and what it costs our lives, our families, and our culture.”
Immediately, I knew I had to get my hands on this book.  This topic was screaming to be addressed.  And I knew if anyone could do it well, it was Dr. Townsend.

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But Dad Said…

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Little Suzy asks her mother if she can have an ice cream sandwich before dinner.  Her mother says no.  In her motherly wisdom, she intuits that ice cream before dinner equals a child with no appetite for steamed broccoli.  Little Suzy is not happy with mom’s response, so she finds dad, who is in the middle of watching Monday night football.

She asks her dad if she can have the ice cream sandwich.  He, not being quite as aware of the potential nutritional apocalypse, and trying not to be distracted from the play action, says yes. Read More

My Top 10 Favorite Relationships Self-Help Books (for now).

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I’m a very picky reader.  Because my schedule is so full, I don’t have a huge excess of time to spend sifting through the never-ending pile of self-help resources popping up on bookstore shelves.  For me to invest time in a book, it has to come highly recommended by someone I trust, or it has to have a reputation for being an incredible resource.  Either way, I’ll find the time to read books with transformative content.  I’ve been fortunate to run across many books that meet that criteria.  These are my favorites… for now (and it wasn’t easy limiting the list to 10).

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The Biggest Myth in Marriage Books

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So you bought a fantastic looking marriage book… you read the first few pages and think: This is totally all about our relationship… this author really gets us.

Then you take the book home and read the wisdom and advice the author has to share.  Most Christian marriage books are full of good stuff, so “light bulb” moments abound as you turn the pages.

After a little bit, you begin to get the author’s main thrust… this is the key idea that’s supposed to revolutionize your relationship… and it just might.

Here’s where the myth comes in… and it’s a pretty big one.  In some books, there’s a sort of implicit guarantee, and it goes like this: “If you do what this book says, your spouse is bound to come around.”  And a promise like that is a very attractive thing. Read More