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Book Review – The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend

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A couple of years ago I was attending a one-week intensive training for counselors led by Drs. John Townsend and Henry Cloud.  Dr. Townsend was in the middle of a lecture when he mentioned that he was working on a new book.
“I’m writing a book about the fact that the hard way is usually the right way…” he said, “I’m going to address the issue of entitlement, and what it costs our lives, our families, and our culture.”
Immediately, I knew I had to get my hands on this book.  This topic was screaming to be addressed.  And I knew if anyone could do it well, it was Dr. Townsend.

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Book Review of The Argument-Free Marriage by Fawn Weaver

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Having heard about “The Happy Wives Club,” and knowing Fawn Weaver’s reputation for championing the cause of happy, healthy marriages, I was extremely excited to get my hands on a copy of her new book “The Argument-Free Marriage” to review.

I hadn’t read much of Fawn’s writing before, but knew of her reputation for concise, understandable, direct, and beneficial writing on this topic.  I really wanted to love this book.  Sadly, I didn’t.  Read More