Wise, Foolish, and Evil People – How Can You Tell the Difference?

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Years ago, Dr. Henry Cloud introduced me to the idea that there are three kinds of people in this world: wise, foolish, and evil. I love that observation! It comes straight from the book of Proverbs where the Bible outlines the difference between each of these life paths. The wise person is headed for a bright and exciting future, the fool a life of hardship and frustration, and the evil person a fittingly disastrous and tragic end.

This is very important for those of us who parent, coach, lead teams, supervise, hire, fire, or are in any other type of authority role. We need to be able to quickly recognize the difference between these life patterns, because they massively impact the future of our families, teams, and organizations. Read More

Before You Say Yes…

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Don’t you love that feeling of a promising new opportunity?  There’s terrific excitement packed into that new job offer, new dating relationship, new house, or new business partnership.  But sometimes the excitement of new possibilities can eclipse our common sense. Read More

How to Bounce Back After a Mistake

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I am personally convinced that one of the biggest differences between leaders and losers is what they do after they make a mistake.  Successful people manage to use their mistakes to go further in life.  They take a hard look at what each misstep can teach them, they learn those important lessons, adapt, grow, and become better at what they do.  Losers, on the other hand, fight the lessons that mistakes can teach.  Because they feel entitled to success, they struggle to embrace the reality of their failures.  We all fail.  The key to a powerful life lies in how we recover from failure.


So, how do you bounce back after a mistake?  Here’s five key steps that will get you back on your feet: Read More

Your Most Powerful Communication Tool

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I’m obsessed with communication.  Whether I’m on stage giving a talk, or having a casual conversation with my wife at the end of a workday, my goal is to share a message that is important to me, and have the other person hear, understand, and remember it.

But not all methods of communication are equal.  I learned this while writing a sermon a few weeks ago.
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I Need a Decision Day. Do You?

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Twelve years ago, I was sitting in an orientation class at the Wal*Mart SuperCenter in Laramie, Wyoming.  My wife and I had just moved to cowboy country so that I could attend technical training in auto mechanics.  At 21, that was what I thought I wanted to do with my life.  Weekday evenings, when my classes were over, I worked at the local Wal*Mart tire and lube bay.  It was for that job that I was attending orientation. Read More

The Power of Your Influence

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Eight years ago I was working at the First Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma.  I was the media director, which meant that my primary responsibilities involved editing the television broadcast, and managing the audio/video elements of services.  I also filled the role of assistant worship pastor, and was significantly involved with the music program.  Video and music were my main passions, and I imagined I would continue on indefinitely doing that sort of work. Read More

Sometimes We Need the Storms – Guest Post by A.C. Williams

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I know you’ll enjoy this guest post by my long-time friend A. C. Williams.  She is an accomplished author and a devoted God-follower.  I know what she has to share will be a blessing to you.  Let me encourage you to visit her blog at
Sometimes it feels like we’re living under a cloud, doesn’t it? Life just isn’t working out the way you want it to. Sure, there are days when the sun shines and life is bright. There are days when you feel invincible. But what about the days when it feels like the rain won’t stop falling?

It’s on those days when the bad news keeps coming. Minute after minute, hour after hour, the bad news doesn’t let up. You owe more on your taxes than you thought. Your car is broken. Your child is sick. The storm damage is extensive. Whatever situation you’re in, doesn’t it seem that bad news never shows up on the happy days? No, it all has to unload on us at once, on the days when we’re already feeling like we’ve fallen in the mud.

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You Have to Start Somewhere

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This I’ve learned—home improvement projects never end as small as they begin. Take for instance, the simple job I was supposed to conquer last week. Our in-sink garbage disposal was leaking, and I decided to replace it myself. Not having Bob Villa around to show me how the job should be done, and minus a set of Time Life home repair manuals, I visited the modern man’s resource for mechanical how-to reference, Youtube. There, I discovered that replacing a disposal was not inordinately difficult, and I resolved to do it myself.

The only problem was that in replacing the disposal, I learned that other parts of our under-sink plumbing needed replacing as well. Shut-off valves were corroded and non-functioning. When I replaced those, the old supply lines no longer fit. Thus, new lines became part of the project. Read More

Choose to Float – by Chris Tiegreen

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ChrisTiegreenThis post is written by Chris Tiegreen, a guest on the Life in a Crazy World blog.  I know you’ll love the amazing insight he shares.  

Chris is an author and speaker in Atlanta, Ga. To find out more about his books or to sign up for his blog, visit

Choose to Float – by Chris Tiegreen

The phone rang, and, of course, I picked it up.

I always pick it up. It doesn’t matter if I’m on deadline or if the family needs my attention or if the office is on fire. When the phone rings, the schedule of the person calling trumps my schedule almost every time.

Why is that? Why do we interrupt something very important simply because someone else thought it was a convenient time to call? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to miss anything more important than what we’re doing or perhaps it’s because we’re starved for attention. But I think there’s more to it than that. The truth is that we are slaves to the immediate.

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