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Lessons From an Exhausted Parent – Guest Post by Josh Teis

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A note from Jonathan:
Josh Teis made my day by being willing to write this amazing post for the lifeinacrazyworld blog.  I met Josh and his wife, Heather, while attending college fourteen years ago.  Josh was my prayer group leader and a very positive influence on my life.  He is not only a great friend, but a great pastor as well.  He is leading an amazing church in Las Vegas, and God is doing amazing things through his ministry.  I know you’ll get a lot out of what he shares here about parenting.
Tonight I will go home and meet my family.  I’ll arrive just a little bit after Heather comes home from work and the kids get back from school.  Jonathan (age 11) will want to play catch.  Savannah (age 9) will want to discuss something that happened at school.  Scarlett (age 6) will want to snuggle and have me scratch her back.  Yet they don’t realize that we still have to get dinner ready, do a few loads of laundry, bathe the girls, pay some bills, and take out the trash.  They also seem to have WAY more energy than do Heather and I.  We are beat!  We are exhausted!  But we also love being parents and want to treasure the time we have with our children.  I’ve learned so many truths through parenting young children over the past decade.  Here are a few lessons from an exhausted parent: Read More

Sometimes We Need the Storms – Guest Post by A.C. Williams

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I know you’ll enjoy this guest post by my long-time friend A. C. Williams.  She is an accomplished author and a devoted God-follower.  I know what she has to share will be a blessing to you.  Let me encourage you to visit her blog at
Sometimes it feels like we’re living under a cloud, doesn’t it? Life just isn’t working out the way you want it to. Sure, there are days when the sun shines and life is bright. There are days when you feel invincible. But what about the days when it feels like the rain won’t stop falling?

It’s on those days when the bad news keeps coming. Minute after minute, hour after hour, the bad news doesn’t let up. You owe more on your taxes than you thought. Your car is broken. Your child is sick. The storm damage is extensive. Whatever situation you’re in, doesn’t it seem that bad news never shows up on the happy days? No, it all has to unload on us at once, on the days when we’re already feeling like we’ve fallen in the mud.

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Choose to Float – by Chris Tiegreen

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ChrisTiegreenThis post is written by Chris Tiegreen, a guest on the Life in a Crazy World blog.  I know you’ll love the amazing insight he shares.  

Chris is an author and speaker in Atlanta, Ga. To find out more about his books or to sign up for his blog, visit

Choose to Float – by Chris Tiegreen

The phone rang, and, of course, I picked it up.

I always pick it up. It doesn’t matter if I’m on deadline or if the family needs my attention or if the office is on fire. When the phone rings, the schedule of the person calling trumps my schedule almost every time.

Why is that? Why do we interrupt something very important simply because someone else thought it was a convenient time to call? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to miss anything more important than what we’re doing or perhaps it’s because we’re starved for attention. But I think there’s more to it than that. The truth is that we are slaves to the immediate.

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